From Ash

by Cassandra Cielo

Two kingdoms at war. A girl caught in the middle. Torn between two brothers, full of secrets and a deal that threatens to get her killed, Rina —a seventeen-year-old with the “gift”— has to decide what answers she is willing to die for.

All Rina wanted was to be accepted to T.R.E, but holding the acceptance letter was the last thing she ever thought would happen. Suddenly her dreams of becoming a commander in the Shamar army weren’t so impossible.

Though ridiculed and ostracized all her life for being a Golanite —the enemy— none of that prepared her for Rei, the golden boy of campus with a chip on his shoulder that could cut glass. Determined to have nothing to do with him or his brother, Tae, Rina tries to keep her head down and focus on her goals, but trouble seems follow her every move and before she knows it she is already in too deep.

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Category: Christian Fantasy