Free Dive

by Emma Shelford

Sea monsters have no place in modern science. Try telling them that.

Corrie loves being a marine biologist, but studying sea anemones isn’t as ground-breaking as the mermaid she saw. She can’t tell anyone—one slip of her overactive tongue, and Corrie’s career would tank faster than a submarine.

When mysterious free diver Zeballos offers her his ship to collect samples, Corrie eagerly sets sail. A bizarre fish jumps over the bow, hinting at answers to Corrie’s questions, but a desperate drug dealer is hellbent on exploiting the rare sea creatures. He’ll do anything to stop Corrie from stealing his product.

Together, Corrie and Zeballos navigate dangerous waters, dodge ruthless fishermen, and dive into uncharted knowledge. Still, mysteries layer on mysteries. Why is secretive Zeballos so fascinated by the rare fish? And what nightmares will hunt them from the depths of the ocean?

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban