Fractured Throne Part One (The Promise of Dragons, The Wayward Prince)

by Lee H. Haywood

Never trust the promise of a dragon.

Emethius Lunen is a loyal servant to the throne and has spent his life protecting the royal family. But his oath is challenged when the Crown Prince attempts to overthrow the High Lord, forcing Emethius to defend the royal family from itself.

Emethius learns that the prince is afflicted by the Blackheart, an incurable sickness that causes its victims to lose their mind to a dark god. When a mysterious dragon offers Emethius a way to save both the prince and the realm, Emethius can’t refuse the offer. The dragon claims to know of a sorceress who can cure the Blackheart. The only problem – the sorceress has gone into hiding in the fallen Empire of Cella, a place where nightmarish creatures known as the Cul reign supreme. The dragon promises to guide Emethius to the sorceress, but first, Emethius is going to have to betray every oath he’s ever made.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic