Fractured Soul (Assassins of Illumination 1)

by JMD Reid

His soul fractured by too many lives an assassin seeks to find himself.

In the City of Kash, the shapechanging assassin is free of his masters. No One has stumbled back to his old life. Has become who he once was. Carstin. A broken man loved by a laundress.

No longer a slave to those who made him into a monster.

Able to take on the form of anyone he has slain, the souls of those he killed lurk inside him. They all want their lives back and fight to seize it.

Carstin is beset from within and without. Another assassin hunts him, and a crime syndicate plots to use his abilities for their own nefarious goals.

How can he start over when he is at war with his past? Will he lose himself and his chance for a second start?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic