Third Power

by Robert Childs

A high school student named Steve is pulled across the veil separating the worlds of Earth and Mithal in the hope he is the legendary Third Power. His coming foretold by prophecy, he is believed to possess a unique magic that can heal the supernatural sickness ravaging the land and combat the Second Power, a sorcerer who channels the might of Hell itself. With his abilities growing faster than his control, Steve must become a healer to end the plague, a statesman to unite the races, a warrior to lead the Resistance and, ultimately, discover the truth about himself or sacrifice them all.

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Fourth Power

by Robert Childs

Four months after the fall of the usurper sorcerer Azinon, there is still much to do for Sonya, Scott and the newly crowned emperor and Fourth Power of Mithal, Steven Walker. Roving bands of the dead sorcerer’s fractured army terrorize the countryside and the plague-stricken citizens of the empire journey by the thousands to the capitol to wait and be cured by Sonya’s healing magic. So when word of a possible second cure to the supernatural sickness reaches Steve, he leaves the city in Sonya’s hands and he and Scott set out to bring it home. But no sooner is he gone than a rogue sorcerer wielding weaponized plague goes on an unstoppable killing spree across the city. Meanwhile, Steve’s search for a cure will inadvertently bring him face to face with the monster responsible for it all.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic