Foundling (Dragon Guardians of Magic 1)

by Juliana Ariffin

When a railway magnate discovers a rare magical mineral under the temple she grew up in, Peri tries to save her home… and stumbles across the last thing she expects to find:

A dragon egg that calls to her alone.

Magic and dragons have long been fading from the world. But Peri can’t just stand aside and let the precious egg to be used for profit. Together with Roy, the handsome heir of Sterling Rails, and a talking goose called Salt, she goes on the run for sanctuary at the Golden Temple in their capital city.

But the egg’s magic is no longer secret, and neither are Peri’s slowly surfacing magical abilities.

Together, they draw out a secret society of magical folk from Kalin’s underworld, and set in motion a sinister plot that threatens the highest echelons of power in the realm.

Can Peri save her kingdom? And more importantly… does she have what it takes to hatch a dragon?

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic