by Ashley Hohenstein

In a fated moment everything about Ophelia’s life will change after an encounter with a golden-eyed stranger. She is thrust into a world where historical heroes, Gods and monsters alike are no longer just legends or the contents of nightmares—but frightfully real.

Ophelia doesn’t have much time to conform to this new world and the cast of characters that inhabit it because a war is being waged, and has been fought in the shadows of humankind for over three thousand years. No less vexing is the war going on in Ophelia’s heart, torn between destiny and her desire to control her fate—consequently her heart.

As conflicts ensue one thing becomes abundantly clear. Ophelia’s presence will either turn the tide in this war—or— may very well lead to the annihilation of our world as we know it.

Found is the first book in The Conduit Chronicles series that follows Ophelia along her journey and exploration of this new and provocative world.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban