Fortune’s Curse

by Jaclyn Dolamore

Olivia does NOT want to be a witch. It only got her mom killed. She still has Mom’s spell book and a mentor who is mistaken for David Bowie, but she keeps her head down. Like, “who needs a social life?” down. Alfred Brawder is the boss of a magical Mafia operation. When he approaches her to lift a family curse, he accidentally tips off sinister forces to her presence–and awakens dark powers within her. Battling a sorceress who wants to absorb Olivia’s soul isn’t Alfred’s usual specialty, but he’s a nice guy at heart–or maybe he’s just falling in love. But if Olivia doesn’t grow into her powers fast, she won’t even be able to consider if she’s up for dating a crime boss…

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban