Forgotten Magic

by Jayne Hawke

No one can know what happened on my sixteenth birthday, what really happened to my old coven.

I’ve built myself a pretty nice life. I have a business as an independent acquisitions expert and fixer (that’s thief and bounty hunter in less polite company). When a client hires me to find a couple of stolen magical artifacts, it seems like a straightforward job.

Then it turns out that she didn’t just hire me, she hired my biggest rival, too. Elijah, alpha of the Sentinels pack. He’s as sexy as he is infuriating. Working together seems like the most logical option. The problem is soon dead bodies start piling up alongside the stolen artifacts.

The new thief in town isn’t my only problem. Someone has been digging into the disappearance of my old coven. If they find out the truth about who and what I am, my carefully constructed life will be over. At best, I’ll be hunted to the ends of the Earth. At worst, the fae will have me begging for death.

Together Elijah and I must unravel the mystery of the new thief and murderer before my past is brought out into the light and everything comes tumbling down around us.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban