Forging the Nightmare: A Jarrod Hawkins Technothriller

by J. J. Carlson

The perfect weapon has a mind of its own.

Jarrod Hawkins, a security contractor with a troubled past, is ushered into an underground facility where a group of DARPA scientists use his body for biotechnological research. They use genetic editing, nanomachinery, neural rewriting, and next-generation armor to turn him into the most fearsome weapon on earth. But as they push the limits of human performance and lethality, the facility begins to experience unexpected power outages. There is evidence of sabotage, and the security team is plagued with sickening pranks. There is only one explanation—their creation has turned against them.

Jarrod must make a choice: Will he let them take control of his mind, or will he use his enhancements to break free? Will he become a perfect soldier, or the most fearsome vigilante the world has ever known?

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Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering