Forged By Pain

by Bojan Bilos

“Forged by Pain” is a gripping tale that follows Princess Amelia, a good-natured and slightly mischievous girl whose life takes a turn at fourteen. In a ruthless coup orchestrated by Duke Nicholas, she loses her parents and freedom, becoming trapped and tortured within the infamous Black Tower for four harrowing years. Though her mind shatters under the torment, her indomitable spirit remains unbroken.

With the unexpected aid of a crippled Inquisitor named Pretty and his loyal, mute servant Victor, Princess Amelia manages to escape her agonizing captivity. Transformed into a vengeful monster by the horrors she endured, she sets her twisted plans into motion, directing her anger towards Duke Nicholas’s relatives and loved ones, determined to make him suffer as he did her. And as her sinister machinations unfold, a war looms on the horizon, engulfing the three kingdoms in turmoil.

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Category: Dark Fantasy