For Whom the Bell Trolls

by D.H. Aire

On a distant world, fleeing the fall of their House to treachery, a group of girls finds themselves cut off from the rest of the fleeing kin. Lost they fall prey to goblins in the Badlands. They don’t know what to think when they are rescued by a pair of troll from out of the Great Waste, where once the forces of magic and science were said to have been used in a terrible war that laid the land desolate. One of the trolls, Lawson, is considered a dwarf among his people, being only 7 feet tall and, worse, known for always finding trouble. His fourteen foot tall companion, Greth, a desert scout, accompanies him on their quest to find a friend, a wizard whose seeking his way home to another world. Their quest’s now in jeopardy as they wonder who’s going to save them from the girls they’ve rescued. Welcome to book 1 of the Hands of the Highmage Series.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic