For Every Action

by Jason Faris

As a young prodigy in mathemetics and theology Jacob Saylor went to the Middle East in search of answers. But something else found him instead and now he may be the most powerful being in the universe…

Broken and nearly driven mad by the event, he wants nothing more than to live out his life as a simple mechanic. But a terrifying series of technological advancements have spawned a group calling themselves “The Embodied” who viciously attack America in their pursuit of absolute power over all life on earth. Jacob’s brother and sister in law are killed in front of him and he watches helplessly as his niece tries to crawl from the wreckage on broken limbs.

Then something inside of him snaps.

In an act that stuns the world, the former child prodigy reaches out and manipulates the very fabric of reality to save her, dealing a telling blow to The Embodied.

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary