Fogbound: Empire in Flames

by Gareth Clegg

London, 1899: a ruined city under martial law.

After the failed Martian invasion in 1895, London is a corrupt and dangerous place. Brutal military police patrol the streets, enforcing a harsh curfew, while a vast steel wall repels the toxic red fog that rises each night from the Thames.

Just five years ago, Sir Pelham Simmons lived a life of luxury as the Colonial Ambassador in Bombay. Now, disgraced by marriage to the wrong social class, stripped of title and rank, he still does his best to serve the country that rejected him.

While grappling with the guilt of his wife’s death during the invasion, he uncovers a conspiracy to overthrow Empress Victoria, and must learn to trust others if he is to restore the rightful monarch.

But in the darkest fogbound areas of the flooded London streets, a sinister intelligence watches, biding its time until the time of reckoning is at hand.

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Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk