Flight of the Spark

by Evelyn Puerto

She never expected lawbreakers to take away her fear. And that those who promised to keep her safe would become her deadliest enemies.

Iskra is terrified of breaking the rules. So her life turns upside-down when a supposedly savage outlaw rescues her from a gang of deadly bandits. But as she learns more about the rebellious outsiders, the authorities abduct her friend to ensure her silence.

Determined to search forbidden territory for her missing confidant, Iskra finds herself falling for the bold renegade willing to help her cause. But when local leaders catch wind of her whereabouts, they’ll do whatever it takes to stop this rule-breaker from learning the shocking truth—and separate her from her forbidden love. Even if they have to silence her forever.
An impressively original, deftly crafted and inherently entertaining read from cover to cover. –Midwest Review of Books

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Category: Fantasy – Epic