Flight of the Necromancer

by Luis Falcao de Magalhaes

In a world where magic is all but forgotten, one novice necromancer will discover the true cost of freedom and power.

Pursued by an undead monstrosity after discovering his former masters plotted to take his life, necromancer-in-training Gotthilf finds refuge in an old cave, but at a terrible cost. Stripped of his supplies and on the brink of defeat, Gotthilf stumbles upon a shocking discovery—two ancient warrior sisters, trapped in a curse of eternal torment.

With their help, he must not only overcome the relentless pursuit of the undead abomination but also unravel the dark secrets of a devil who has the power to trap even the bravest of souls into an eternal nightmare with naught but a look.

Will Gotthilf be able to outsmart the devil and break the curse, or will he, too, be doomed to an eternity of suffering?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

The Daughter of The Ice

by Luis Falcao de Magalhaes

The Daughter, ancient elemental goddess and custodian of the dead, rises after a thousand years of slumber, her power unmatched and her wrath unbridled.

Eregar, a decorated knight living out his twilight years in relative peace, is tasked with leading a band of young mercenaries into the heart of the Frozen Plains to appraise the threat. But as they venture deeper into the icy wasteland, they will find The Daughter’s machinations in full swing and be forced to act before it is too late.

Will Eregar and his young allies be able to defend the North from the sorceress’s nightmarish armies, break the curse she casts upon them, and end the rise of The Daughter of The Ice? Or will they fall before the might of the icy goddess?

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