by Jobie Baldwin

Ben desperately wanted to be part of the Tribe but he wasn’t one of the chosen. Just like always, since the death of his sister so long ago, he was alone.

He’d been more helpless-onlooker than active-participant, as the Tribe saved the world from catastrophic environmental disaster, but he wanted to be more. Now he’ll get his wish . . .

Enter Ta’xet, the Haida God of Violent Death. Ben is on the brink of dying, when the bringer of death himself takes Ben as his host, and now he’ll never be alone again.

Ben’s transformation has turned him into a bloodthirsty psychopath, and without Christian and the Tribe, no one in London is safe. Even worse, his transformation has brought the attention of an enemy from the past and the entire Tribe find themselves the target of a demon and an exiled Guide intent on manipulating time to change the past.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure