First Strike: Keepers of the Universe Book 1

by Angela Haas

A Universe Torn Between Calm and Chaos

Stella Jayne Walsh, New York City’s top-rated trauma surgeon, holds an astounding record. She’s never lost a patient—until the day she does. In that moment, her world shatters, and she’s swept into an adventure that launches her from Manhattan into alien worlds in the far reaches of space.

John “Ryder” Alexander is a handsome rogue and one of the most decorated soldiers in the galaxy—until he turns unwilling mercenary, blackmailed into committing heinous crimes.

Stella is targeted by a woman hell-bent on creating a universe where other women don’t exist and all men bend to her will. Stella and her crew of misfits must stop this villain before she helps awaken a slumbering force of evil.

Can Stella let go of the life she knew and learn to trust her unlikely new team to save everyone—and everything—she loves?

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera