First Fist: Seventh Bridge to the Heavens

by TJ Reynolds

Once a soldier, now an outcast. Luca must overcome fate as he walks the path of a cultivator, seeking the Seventh Bridge to the Heavens.

During his many years in the army, few men served Mindea as faithfully as Luca. Clawing his way into the elite ranks of Ballum’s Fist, the man hoped to rouse his dormant core. After every Elixir of Awakening failed, however, he relinquished such dreams in the hopes of returning home.

Yet even that is torn away when he and his men collide with an unexpected fate. Facing a monk from distant Shuya, who wields not one but all of the elements, Luca is forced to question all he knows about the world.

This book is a unique blend of epic fantasy and cultivation: Dungeons and Dragons meets Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

High adventure. Rediscovery of magic. Slow burn romance. And the resurgence of hope when all is nearly lost.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic