by Mark Reynolds

Sealed within a mysterious stone, a flame of untold power burns, waiting to be released, demanding to be controlled…
In a mind-altering fantasy-thriller, two disastrous events thrust Kai Kazami to the depths of despair. Will a third tragedy empower him, or push him to mental collapse?
Hours after his wife’s disappearance, Kai discovers his mother dead, a glowing stone clutched in her fist, and a cryptic message scrawled on the floor.
Experimenting with meditation to overcome grief, Kai harnesses a fragment of power from the stone, unlocking a gateway to unimaginable abilities.
But when a killer learns about the stone, and a brutal attack leaves a friend in a terminal coma, Kai’s only hope is to master his inheritance, and make the magic his own…

Previously $4.99

Category: Fantasy – Metaphysical & Visionary