Fires that Forge

by R. J. Hanson

Murder. Betrayal. Magic? One knight takes up his hammer to hunt a killer concealed and save his friend from the executioner’s axe.

Murder in Moras is treated as an everyday affair; until it touches the nobility. The aristocracy demands someone pay for these heinous crimes. Yet, they want someone to hang before too many questions can be asked. What old truths do they fear? What if the one that stands accused is innocent?

Amid the shining streets and dark alleys of this great trade city, events will twist the Fate of two life-long friends. In this city of knights and rogues, templar sand merchants, a career soldier must become a cunning detective. A young physician must prove his innocence before the hangman calls. When Dunewell learns that his good friend, Silas, is the sole suspect, the decorated veteran turned King’s Inquisitor undertakes the duty of saving him.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic