by Paul Sating

Two brothers. One lie. A tangled destiny that may shatter a people.

Gaeron Andel is blood in the sand. A champion of the people. A principal burned into him by his dying mother. He follows her path, the way of the warrior.

Gaeron upholds Heliran Andel’s honor as he seeks freedom. His treacherous brother spits on her memory.

With steel, he protects those who can’t protect themselves while Nevilan Andel claims an undeserved title and casts family honor aside.

Promise for the future. The lies of kin. A usurper in the fold.

The greatest menace comes from within.

Pitted against what is true and what blood in the sand demands, Gaeron must decide.

Can treachery grounded in shame be washed away by a brother’s blood?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


by Paul Sating

Betrayal burns hottest when it’s born of blood.

Saving a village didn’t give Gaeron Andel his freedom. A brother’s treachery still stains the family name.

As Nevil gains power, Gaeron is sent on quests to find magical artifacts. A cruel fate of the gods. What waits is out of nightmarish legends.

The dead desert holds secrets. Most are beyond imagination. Even the help of a powerful mage might not keep him alive.

Freedom comes with death.

The undead walk the desert. The village is rife with political turmoil. His traitorous brother plots and schemes. Time is running out.

Can Gaeron stop his brother before Nevilan tears down everything protecting the village from the nightmare beyond?

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