Firebird’s Lair

by Rachel Ford

A cursed House knows no peace.

And Tsar Kirill’s House certainly seems to be cursed. Death already claimed his wife and brother. It plagues his only daughter, threatening to take her too. His neighbor to the north is obsessed with empire building, and now he turns his eyes southward.

But Kirill’s problems are only mounting. An elusive band of wyvern poachers threatens to disrupt the internal peace. The Church’s Patriarch demands an end to the slaughter of the sacred Firebirds. The dark god demands the blood of dragons. Kirill finds his will pitted against that of a mysterious sorcerer, who will stop at nothing to serve his god, and his own ends – even if that means spilling royal blood in the process.

To protect his kingdom from the dark magic of sorcerers and the dark designs of the north, Kirill will have to unravel the curse that plagues his House. What he finds may be the darkest truth of all.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery