Fire Cursed

by Tricia Barr

Elemental magic, souls doomed to eternal reincarnation, and an ancient cult with sinister devices.

Phoenyx Blake has a dark secret, one she’s repressed since her father died in a mysterious house fire a decade ago. When she wakes in a dungeon with three strangers, she’s forced to face that secret, which isn’t easy seeing as she’s dreamt about her fellow prisoner, Sebastian, all her life. The four work together to uncover the wicked intensions of their captors, only to discover they’re in greater danger than they ever could’ve imagined, and so is the rest of the world if they fail to escape. Can they master the powers they didn’t know they had before it’s too late, or will the irresistible flame between Phoenyx and Sebastian be forever extinguished?

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban