Finding Fae Artifacts

by Isa Medina

Finding a dangerous Fae artifact stashed in my temp job’s basement should be the key to cementing my dream job as an artifact hunter. But unfortunately, the arrogant stranger who interrupts my find doesn’t agree with my good fortune. Aidan belongs to the Magical Artifacts Institute and insists on confiscating my artifact.

He’s welcome to try, but there’s one small problem—he’s triggered a binding spell that won’t allow more than a few feet between us. Also, someone has unleashed a nightmarish Fae hound that’s trying to turn us into lunch.

Now I must break the bond, escape the hound, convince Aidan that I’m the best artifact hunter ever, and figure out who’s willing to kill to get to my artifact. Sounds hard? That’s okay—I might be only one-sixteenth Fae, but I’ve got plenty of tricks up my sleeve.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban