Fight Like a Man

by L L Akers

If they want to survive this post-apocalyptic event, they’ll all have to learn to fight like a man.

The end came not with boots on the ground, nuclear weapons or an EMP. It snuck in with a quiet clatter at the back door and flipped the switch, covering the states in darkness and sending this family on three divergent paths that ultimately lead home. When they collide in this surreal and gripping family drama, it won’t be without bullets and bloodshed.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Shoot Like a Girl

by L.L. Akers

It’s TEOTWAWKI in America.

The grid went down over a week ago. More chaos erupts when the lights don’t come back on and there’s still no word–or help–from the government.

Gird your loins…Bullets and blood are the new currency, and death is imminent unless they can all learn to Shoot Like a Girl in book two of The SHTF Series, a post-apocalyptic thriller packed with Action & Adventure.

Previously $3.99