Fierce Shifter

by Maggie Carpenter


When the pretty young woman showed up at the site after hours, he made it clear if she returned she’d be sorry. Now she’s standing in front of him with daring defiance dancing in her eyes, and her compelling scent tickling his nostrils.

Didn’t she believe him? Or does she want the punishment he promised?

From the moment Faith laid eyes on the Harley-riding tough guy, she found him irresistible. When she ventured into the construction site after hours he ordered to leave and not come back. But his rough rebuke only made him more captivating and she couldn’t stay away. But now she’s cringing under his glowering glare.

Has she made a terrible mistake? Is he going to make good on this threat?

Lurking nearby, a rogue wolf watches.
He wants her for his mate.
Not even the fearsome leader of the pack will get in his way.

Could the vicious enemy me

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban