Fear the Wolf

by Stefanie Gilmour

From the moment she transformed into a werewolf, Alex was terrified. First, of the man who attacked her—then of herself. If her inner wolf breaks free again, people could die, and she’ll be hunted.
Alex struggles to keep her savage passenger caged, but life doesn’t make it easy. The Committee ruling the supernatural community would punish her for the slightest misstep. A group of zealots are targeting supernatural beings. Worst of all—some people are just jerks.
For help, she relies on her best friend Emma, a wizard and the only person she trusts with her secret. But Emma has her own secret: Mitch. He’s twisting her into someone unrecognizable…and he may be inflicting the same treatment on other supernatural citizens.
To save Emma, Alex must make alliances with wizards and werewolves alike, face the Committee, unravel deadly conspiracies, and confront her own worst fear—herself.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban