Fear the Wolf

by Andrew Butcher

For millennia, the people of Senla Nora’s village have followed a cryptic command inscribed on an ancient tablet: Fear the Wolf.

To fear the Wolf is to know your place. If any villager were to step out of line, the Wolf would emerge from the surrounding forest and massacre every man, woman and child.

For a young garment weaver like Senla Nora, knowing her place should be easy. But Senla has never been one to blindly follow orders. When she dreams of abandoning her assigned duty and becoming a fearless warrior, the Wolf devastates her village.

Racked with guilt and bloodthirsty for revenge, Senla sets out to hunt down the enormous beast. To survive in the forest, she must learn to fight vicious creatures, outsmart violent nomads, and ally with the unlikeliest of beings. If she fails, no village will ever be safe, and Senla will never discover what it truly means to fear the Wolf.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age