Fear of Earth

by Benjamin Earl Johnson

In the Saturn Federation, humans live in a neatly designed network of specialized space stations. There, they are afforded a bounty of technological wonders and amenities, so long as they remain productive and positive. But there are some, like John, who question the way society is organized, and who crave deeper answers about Earth and humanity. In the Saturn Federation, however, such questioning results in gentle government interference. Despondence is considered a disease, and those that feel it are counseled by the friendly officials that come in the night. Sometimes, the counseled return with bright exuberance. Others, however, disappear. Fear not! Each of the Saturn Federation’s denizens are treated according to the same mantra; “The Saturn Federation does no harm.” Some things, though, are hard to overlook. Then comes the knock. John’s suspicion leaves him with a choice.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian