Fate’s Arrow: Robeaux

by Eric Warren

You’re only guilty if they catch you.

The past three years for Caspian Robeaux have been a living hell. From being courtmartialed for standing up for what was right, to almost being killed on “parole”, he’s had enough of the Coalition. But his dissatisfaction only leaves one other option for his future: the Sargan Commonwealth.

When an attack on the planet he’s living on leaves him with nothing left to his name, he’ll have to start making some shady deals if he wants to survive. One of which involves going back to the organization he just escaped. And this time if they catch him, there may be no way to avoid his fate.

FATE’S ARROW: ROBEAUX is the first novella in the INFINITY’S END LEGACY series, a group of one-shot stories about the characters from INFINITY’S END. Each book in the series can be read in any order and expands the universe in a myriad of ways. Grab your copy today

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera