by Francis James Blair

For one hundred and forty-three cycles, humankind has been the playthings of the gods. Endless swarms of monsters, puzzle-filled dungeons and backstabbing adventurers mean death to the unprepared. Whoever holds the highest score when the cycle ends is granted immortality, but only if you can live long enough to seize the prize.

Luf Corent doesn’t care about dungeons or immortality, only his family’s survival Unfortunately, when you’re the lowest-ranked member of the weakest guild in the city, life isn’t exactly glamorous. Luf’s future doesn’t hold much beyond killing sewer rats.

However, when a twist of fate soon leaves Luf the most sought-after person on the continent, he’ll need to find new allies and skills if he wants to survive until the cycle’s end. Especially when even the divines are taking an interest in the outcome.

Fatedancer is the first in a new LitRPG-lite series.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic