Fate of Dragons

by Bella Andrews

What Fate has joined together, let no magic put asunder.
Few know of the wildwood magic flowing in Sienna Steven’s veins, and since no one but a dragon could ever recognize her true nature, her secret’s safe.
Until handsome, brooding Wade Harris arrives on her doorstep with a strange illness that changes everything.
They’d been childhood sweethearts, drawn to each other inexplicably, understanding each other without words. When Wade’s family left the mountains, Sienna felt a part of her had gone with him. Now that he’s back, that old familiar pull is too, with a vengeance.
Even delirious, Wade is sure he is hearing Sienna’s thoughts. And when she hears his and speaks to his mind, the truth he’d always known can’t be denied. She’s his mage, and he is destined to be her dragon lord. If he lives… and if they can stop the severing magic of an enemy mage before the Eastern Gateway is lost.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban