Fantasy World (Volume 1 and 2): The Explorers

by Julius St. Clair and Henry Fleiss

On one of the largest planets in the universe, called Naropa, in a quiet corner between the Linsen Lakes and the Wind River Mountains, lies a community of three distinct civilizations. Secluded and self-sustaining, the inhabitants are unaware of what lies beyond the Lasting Wall – a fortitude that keeps the rest of the massive world at bay.

Until now.

Tristan Thames, the son of a nobleman, seeks answers amidst a rising civil war. Aligning himself with a band of misfits, each guided by their own ambitions and agendas, head out into the unknown. Woefully unprepared, they soon realize that their collective, Expedition One, is far from alone.

Likened to Star Trek in its exploration of the human condition, and Lord of the Rings in its scale, this is a journey that will be as unforgettable as the characters themselves.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic