Fall to Earth

by Ken Britz

Deep in the hills of Pennsylvania, the secret Project Avallach is brewing, led by two brilliant scientists. Arthur MacGabran has harnessed new technology that can change the world–or destroy it. Indiana, a skilled but disgraced swordsman, joins his team, undergoing a transformation to unlock the ability to tap into a new energy.

Commander Jeri Brand’s chances of being on one of the last space shuttle launches are fast dwindling. But a new space project begins, promising a revolutionary shuttle engine that will make interstellar travel achievable.

Cornwall Marks wants only one thing: to make Arthur pay for past transgressions. He’s determined, in power, and has a secret weapon–the precognitive AI named Oracle. He’ll bend Arthur, Indiana, and the future to his will.

Only Indiana can keep Arthur’s vision alive, but will her quest to be the greatest also be the death of her?

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Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering