Faith and Fury

by Tiger Hebert

Vacinne LeDroux is a Rift Warden, a champion of the Light, a defender of the mortal realm. It’s something she dreamed about her whole life. After five years of rigorous study and training at the Kothari Temple, she is sent on her first solo mission. She is tasked with finding the whereabouts of a missing Warden and his company.

The Warden’s trail leads her to a small village. Upon arrival she discovers that the entire town has been massacred. Vacinne finds herself face to face with a powerful demon and tries to summon all her courage, but she is no match for him. Realizing she’s in way over her head, she seeks out a sell-sword.

The Black Blade is no ordinary bounty hunter. He’s a Rift Hunter, one skilled enough to track down rifts and the demons that step through them. With time running out, he’s Vacinne’s only hope at accomplishing her mission—but he doesn’t come cheap.

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Category: Dark Fantasy