Fae – The Wild Hunt

by Graham Austin-King

The fae have been locked away from the world for a hundred generations. But now the barriers are failing, and soon they will seek their vengeance.

Devin has grown to think of Widdengate as his own. Found abandoned in the forest, he remembers little from before his arrival in the sleepy village. But life in the Eastern Reaches is changing. A new religion is sweeping across the land. Bjornmen raiders intent on conquest, have prompted the construction of signal towers and brought garrisons to Widdengate.

As the battle lines are drawn there is one man who knows that there are worse things than Bjornmen. Rumours tell of strange creatures that come with the moonlight. Creatures with eyes that glow with an amber flame.

Only one man knows the truth, but can he convince anyone of the real threat facing Anlan before it is too late?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic