Fae of the North

by E Hall

When Kiki discovers a secret about her past, she’s thrown into another realm that’s nothing like her life as a demon slayer in NYC. While seeking counsel to understand why she has wings, she meets a guy who looks like a Viking and looks at her in a way that makes her fluttery inside.

Soren spends too much time at the tile table and infuriating the king’s guards—evidenced by his ink-stained skin. He gave up fighting back and is just trying to survive. The strange thing is, when he meets a beautiful stranger he suddenly wants to fly away with her.

In the Northlands, trust is a foreign concept. The people are divided by fear and want, everyone is broken or does the breaking. The ashpit consumes the rest.

With war looming, time isn’t on their side.. It’s a battle Kiki and Soren can’t win on their own, but could divide them forever, and forever is what they each secretly want.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban