Fae Fair

by Clarissa Gosling

A magical world.
A bewitching fair.
An impossible promise.

Zoe is looking for a way to escape her bully of a foster brother, but when she takes her horse for a ride and crosses into faery by mistake, all she wants is to return home. That is until she is hailed as a long-lost princess.

Her insistence on exploring further leads to the capture of the one friend she has made, the enigmatic Guardian of the Gates who she trusts more than she should. In securing his release she becomes bound by an unwinnable bargain to the Queen of Dawnlight, which risks his very position.

Things would be easier if the aloof and scornful Prince Florian would tell her more about what happened sixteen years ago. Or help her with fulfilling her promise to the Queen.

She feels the mysterious fair must hold the answer, but can she find it in time?

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age