Fae Cursed

by Dyan Chick

Some curses weren’t meant to be broken…

Aspiring young teacher, Arabella Chase will do anything for her brother. But when he lands himself in a heap of trouble with the Ringmaster of the Rose Circus, his debt exceeds their means. Sacrificing herself to save her brother is the only way Ara can help.

Traveling the country with the Ringmaster is not as it seems. Catapulted into a world of magic, mystery, and supernatural beings is terrifying, yet intriguing, for the young woman. The Ringmaster’s power and irresistible charm enchants her in ways she never knew possible. But when an enemy of the Circus targets Ara, she can’t trust anyone. Suddenly, with a newfound power of her own, she’s in for the battle of her life. In a fight for survival and identity, will Ara accept her true place in this circus of life?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban