Ezaara, Riders of Fire Book 1

by Eileen Mueller

Do you love dragon adventures?

Soar on dragonback with your heart pounding & the wind in your hair.

In Lush Valley, it’s a crime to even talk about dragons…

When Ezaara imprints with the dragon queen, she’s swept into a world she’d never dreamed of.

A world of dragons, treachery, intrigue and danger. Now the new Queen’s Rider, Ezaara must lead her people as Commander Zens and his army of tharuk monsters rampage across Dragons’ Realm, killing and enslaving innocents. She must stop them.

But who can she trust when political intrigue puts her own life in danger?

And when Zens is growing terrible new creatures faster than she and her dragon riders can defeat them…

Dragons, treachery and danger await you.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic