by K. Vale Nagle

A bloody massacre. A looming civil war. Can two opposed gryphons work together to save their kind?

Zeph thrills at the wind in his wings and the hunt for wild parrot. As a simple forest gryphon, he never thought much about his sophisticated city-dwelling cousins living in the lofty eyrie at the edge of the woods. But his carefree life turns upside down when he comes across a young city gryphon stunned by her discovery of a field littered with slaughtered animals.

Forced to overcome their prejudice and misconceptions, the unlikely pair races against time to prevent an apocalypse.

Can Zeph and Kia unite their species before a fiery conflict destroys them all?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Ashen Weald

by K. Vale Nagle

A world on fire. A gryphon army. A mysterious sickness.

For years, Satra rotted in the dungeon depths while her kin were forced to wage wars to keep her safe. Now the eyrie is ash and she controls the largest army the continent has ever seen. As her opinicus enemies plot and scheme, she sets her sights on the Crackling Sea, where the last of her kin are held hostage.

The snowy taiga gryphon Younce is one step away from being banished. Sent to investigate the frozen catacombs on the southern coast, he discovers dead gryphons, violent wildlife, and a hidden camp.

After an infected gryphon leads him to a city of rafts and sea monsters, he begins to suspect that something more may be going on. Something bigger than just the taiga and coast. Something with terrible implications.

While Satra squares off against treacherous peacocks, will Younce’s warning reach her in time?

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