by Danielle K Girl

Teenage ghost-hunter Ryder Carlsson finds way more than she bargained for in the shadows of old Clarendon House.
Olessia is a runaway like no other. A strange girl who doesn’t quite fit into this world.
She’s definitely no ghost. But just who is she?
And exactly what world is she running from?
Ryder and her friends are dragged into the chaos that Olessia’s arrival brings.

On the run for their lives, they must try to stay one step ahead of powerful other-wordly forces. Not easy when they’ve sent monsters to do their dirty work.
When Olessia’s brash guardian, Sebastien, arrives to take her home, it should signal the end of the adventure. A return to normal life.
But Ryder has learned an extraordinary truth.
There was nothing normal about her life to begin with.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age