Exile’s Redemption

by Lee Dunning

Demons are coming! Can an elven scholar and an ancient pariah reunite their people to thwart a genocidal evil?
Raven has unlimited hope. As part of a quest to reunite the Elven Nation, she combs an ancient library for anything that could mend the widening rift. But when magical portals open throughout the city releasing bloodthirsty demons, she’ll discover a hidden ability that could transform the fate of her people…

W’rath’s past has forever tainted his future. Exiled for 10,000 years, the god-like entity escapes his prison only to witness the devastating attack on Second Home. Facing a genocidal enemy, W’rath must guide a powerful but untested heroine if anyone is to survive.

As he attempts to escape his reviled deeds, can W’rath help Raven harness her powers or will ancient forces eliminate the Elven Nation once and for all?

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic