Evolution’s Hand Book 1: Executive Action

by Terrance A. Crow

On the field of megacorporate warfare, non-mega corporations knew to keep their heads down. Which is just what TransStell did under the leadership of Dek Conrad. Everything was going well for TransStell…

Until Conrad discovered a time/space Fissure to 61 Cygni. Zero travel time, easy access to the system’s asteroid belt – should have made them rich, right? Except things on the field of megacorporate warfare are never so simple.

The world’s superpower of corporations, TCP, wanted the Fissures, too. And they were prepared to take them at any cost.

Now, Conrad has to fend them off. Worse, he has to divert resources from his real goal: saving humanity from an evolutionary cliff. He has to fight like never before. Or TCP and the Fissures will kill his plan – and him.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian