Evolution’s Hand Book 1: Executive Action

by Terrance A. Crow

Conrad’s family spent the last 150 years staying under the megacorporations’ radars. Sure, they manufactured military and high-tech equipment, but Conrad’s actual goal was saving the world from itself. One tiny step at a time.

Then he found the first fissure — a crack in space/time that led right 61 Cygni. It should have made Conrad’s company rich. Instead, it attracted the attention of the same megacorporations that Conrad had tried so hard to avoid. Those companies wanted the fissure very, very badly. Enough to steam roll over anything in their way.

If Conrad can’t find a way to fend them off, he won’t only lose his dream. He’ll lose everything. Because corporations don’t play, and prisoners are not cost effective.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian