Eve of the Fae

by E. Menozzi

Eve loves her aunt and uncle’s historic English manor, as well as its legends connected to the Fae, even if she doesn’t believe in magic. It’s the perfect place to spend Christmas, until she discovers she isn’t the only guest.
Liam was recently hired to be her uncle’s secretary, but the undercover Fae prince is only pretending to be human. He is searching for the magical artifacts that will help his kin put an end to a centuries-old war. The Winter Solstice is approaching and the Wild Hunt will ride again, led by a vengeful spirit determined to destroy what’s left of the Fae, unless Liam figures out how to destroy him first.
Eve isn’t fooled by Liam’s unassuming appearance and Liam can’t resist his attraction to Eve. Her suspicions threaten to disrupt his search and time is running out. But if he tells her the truth and surrenders to forbidden love, it will threaten both their lives.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends