Escape From The Dark Void

by J.C. Moore

Space disaster, survival mode, giant spiders, mutant aliens!

After a long and brutal battle, the earth’s space craft, the Avalon, is finally destroyed. The few remaining survivors, a small band of humans, are stranded on a space station that also serves as a prison.

The space station is thrown off course and pulled into the Dark Void, from which there is no escape. The Dark Void is infested with monsters, giant beasts that ravage and destroy everything in their path. The human survivors are their next target.

In order to escape the Dark Void, the humans have to get themselves off the space station before it pulls them inside.

It’s a mad, mad universe out there. Be prepared for anything. Don’t waste your chance to read this thrill-ride of a sci-fi thriller!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure