Errant Gods

by Erik Henry Vick

Hank Jensen is cursed with a broken body. Once he was New York’s most dedicated criminal profiler, but the demonic Bristol Butchers crushed his career and left him disabled and hopeless. As he struggles to make sense of his new life, the cannibalistic immortals have returned with a new target: Hank’s family‚Ķ

Thrown into a breakneck race to rescue his loved ones, Hank has no choice but to enter an unrecognizable world of Norse gods. With lingering injuries and crippling doubts, he must overcome a land of dragons and shapechangers to defeat pure evil. Can a mere mortal outwit the gods to save his family, or will his quest end in fire and ash?

Errant Gods is the first book in the epic Blood of the Isir genre-blending, dark fantasy series. If you like terrifying evil, mythical worlds, and a hero facing impossible odds, then you’ll love Erik Henry Vick’s imaginative saga.

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Category: Dark Fantasy