Errant Gods

by Erik Henry Vick

The skein of Hank Jensen’s fate seemed fixed, riddled with pain, deceit, and loneliness. Two monsters wrapped in human flesh took everything he cared about, warping his life’s tapestry with a dark curse, abducting his family in the dead of night. Compelled by love, Hank must follow them across a shimmering portal into an unknown land. Unprepared for what awaits him there, he flounders…until he meets a figure straight out of Norse mythology who offers to help.

His quest is simple: overcome all the obstacles in his path—his disability, his lack of knowledge, demons, dragons, and dark vengeful gods. If he succeeds, the war will have just begun. If he fails, he will never see his wife or son again.

Kismet be damned, he will tame these Errant Gods or die trying!

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Category: Dark Fantasy